Besoin d'avis : stratégie d'acquisition via facebook FB UID scraper pour e-mailing


c’est mon premier post sur ce forum. Y a pas mal de choses intéressantes et c’est chouette. Je sais pas si le format va vous plaire mais je souhaiterais proposer des stratégies que je suis en train de tester en dur, et voir vos retours à ce sujet sur la manière de les améliorer, sachant qu’il n’y a pas de « technique absolue ».

Voici une première stratégie en test. Elle vient du medium créé aujourd’hui, en anglais. Le lien est ici. Vous pouvez commenter sur ce forum:

Approach: trying to be qualitative and letting people choose to opt-in. The users are added on the final mailing-list after a first direct contact.

Context: a Startup needs to create its community to launch a product on a crowdfunding campaign in a few months. The product is a connected object to improve sleep.

What is the current source of the community for acquisition:

  • Friends and acquaintances of the founders on social networks

  • Users responding to a survey on sleep.

  • Users scrapped on facebook (this #1 acquisition strategy)

  • Target: early adopters and innovators interested in sleep and connected device.

  • Metric : 100 quality “opt in” people for this week. If it is successful, more the week after.

This is a quick explanation about a strategy to create connection and link to potential backers and community members.


  1. Define a relevant user target:
    For this strategy, the target is french early adopters visiting pages relevant to connected objects

  2. Preparing the scraping of the facebook users:

  • Installation of FB UID Scraper on chrome with 19,99 $ professional account (unlock more user variables such as city…)
  • Listing of relevant connected objects facebook pages
  • Defining the variables needed for scraping and better e-mail personnalization (city, name, firstname, job, education).
  • Setting the scraping variables to avoid a facebook ban (my FB account has just been restricted yesterday) : 1 page every 3 seconds to mimic a human viewer, say 3 000 sec for 1 000 users.
  • Question: what could be the number limit of user scrapped per day ? I scrapped 9k users yesterday and I got restricted. Is that a matter of speed of scrapping or number of pages views ?
  1. Data cleaning scenario
  • Reformat the firstname and usernames for gmail, hotmail, yahoo.
  • Take the list and check e-mail on ;
  • Take the list and re-check on other e-mail verifier saas.
  1. Send a personnalized e-mail to ask “opt-in” and add to consolidated mailchimp quality e-mail base.
  • prepare a personnalized e-mail based on data (tool : mail merge, 50 users limit per day then 100 if it is working fine).

Here it goes! Do you see something wrong ? Something that could be improved ? Something unefficient ? Better tools ?