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I’ve a task that asks to download or scrape the LinkedIn resumes through serach but the problem is even after applying all the keywords and filters search results shows only 1000 Profil/ 30000 !

How can i bypass this one ? any alternative ? any experience with this ?



Yes, I imagine you are using Recruiter Lite. I would advise you to use what are called tertiary filters, these are filters that « only » serve to reduce your search volume and are discriminating. For example, the number of years spent in the company // the location or the seniority. We build a custom script for that

Then, on a search of 30,000 people anyway to visit them you will need several Linkedin cookies. You can use Mirror Profiles : (it is my tool)


I scheduled an appointment on your website. waiting to hear more from you :wink:

thanks for the answer.

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