STAGE - Growth Hacking Intern

Job description

PrestaShop is looking for our new Growth Hacking Intern.

Your role? To aid our Growth team develop and grow our services by increasing out new users acquisition and retention.

Here’s an overview of your responsabilities:

  • Constantly optimize the user journey, by leveraging data at each step of the process ;
  • Design, implement and run end-to-end Growth Experiments ;
  • Drive early stage customer acquisition through tactical execution of organic and paid channels ;
  • Propose new growth hacking tactics, channels to test, and creative campaigns ;
  • Implement, optimize and review ad campaigns (SEA and social).

Preferred experience

  • Tech-savvy and interested in the Growth Hacking Methodology.
  • Experienced in growing user bases, optimizing funnels, and understanding how to measure and maximize products.
  • Data-driven
  • Knowledge in running split tests, optimizing funnels, and developing metrics.
  • Interested in building delightful and excellent product experiences.
  • Curious, passionate about learning.
  • Hands-on mindset and agile
  • Fluent in English

Nice to have:

  • Experienced in working in a Growth team
  • Curious about growth and tech topics
  • Some engineering skills (Python, Javascript) or SQL
  • Other languages are a huge plus!

Our MarTech:

  • Customer data infrastructure:,
  • CRM & workflows: Hubspot, Zapier.
  • Email marketing: Lemlist
  • BI: Mixpanel, metabase, contentsquare, A/B tasty
  • Project Management: Asana and Experiments

Recruitment process

Interview with our Talent Acquisition Specialist (Philippe)

Interview with your Growth Hacker Manager (Natalia)

Interview with our Growth Acquisition Manager (Guillaume)

HR interview (Manon)

APPLY ONLY HERE: [Welcome to the Jungle - Growth Hacking intern Prestashop]